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Banks, Labor, and Human(e) Rights!!!

Dan is getting his "Fascist" on in Florida, so it's Corey's turn to get worked up!
Tech banks are collapsing. Financial crisis 2.0? Some folks predicted this.
Not all labor movements are created equal.
Matt Taibbi exposes just how inept and corrupt congress really is...without even saying anything.

While Dan is out gallivanting in Mar-a-Lago propagating fascism with Trump and Desantis, Corey and Bell take the reins to cover a couple topics that get Corey so worked up HE TYPES IN ALL CAPS!!! 

Are we seeing the beginnings of another financial crisis? Two banks down. How many more will follow? 

A tale of two states and the state of their labor movements Michigan v. Iowa. 

Iranian school girls are being poisoned and its barely mentioned in the news while we argue in our ivory tower about culture wars and identity politics.

Duncan Lemp, a man murdered in his sleep that didn't get nearly as much attention as Breonna Taylor because white folk don't give a darn about their own getting killed by the state... 

Matt Taibbi testifies and its a hyper-partisan shit show, color us shocked!


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