"Intellectual Idiots Fostering Political and Cultural Literacy"

America's Low Expectations: "Bigotry", War, & Spending

Dan, Corey, and Bel "The Body Snatcher" bring you the debt ceiling crisis, the Ukrainian money laundering war, and the cronyism poisoning Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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In today's addition of "Two Intellectual Idiots Fostering Political and Cultural Literacy" Dan, Corey, and Bel "The Bodysnatcher " take YOU, the disenfranchised or politically homeless sane person into: 

1) The Ukraine War and the latest gaslighting by "The Establishment", and our "trustworthy" intelligence agencies. Why is it that ANY U.S. President is not to be taken seriously when it comes to guarantees regarding war? 

2) The looming debt ceiling and why Republicans hold the advantage. Here is a hint: It's not because they care about spending. 

3) The story of "City Bike Karen" and how the bigotry of low expectations hurts minorities...not "whiteness". 

4) The latest crisis causing Americans in an industrial city to become sick and die. First there was Flint, then Jackson, then East Palestine, and now...Kalamazoo 


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