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American Lives and Minds Are Political Chess Pieces

The fiasco in East Palestine is not and never was about the people effected. It is clearly about politics. Why did Trump go and Biden not so?...Politics over people. Not because anyone cares about the poor people.
Alphabet agencies admit Covid "likely" came from a lab leak. And it is why government should NEVER have control over information.

The politics of the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio become clearer to us by the day. Why hasn't Biden visited? Why DID Trump visit? Neither is that hard to figure out when you make sense of the politics. The human lives, though?...Neither of them really care. It's not in their backyard. 

And why is Pete Buttigieg the only Transportation Secretary you've ever heard of? We'll give you a hint.....It's because he's been and abject failure.

Some "Alphabet" agencies are admitting that Covid likely came from a lab. Yea...No s**t. This fiasco is a crash course in why government should never have control (legal or otherwise) over information.

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