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Abortion Bans Ain't Right & Masculinity Ain't Toxic

Liberals and Conservatives continue to demonstrate why they don't represent us.
That is basically it.

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Steven Crowder is in some s**t, eh?! The Daily Wire may have dodged a bullet after Ring Camera footage revealed the Conservative "shockmeister" speaking to his wife in a way that he berates "left-wingers" for talking to him? But make no mistake, this isn't "toxic masculinity" rearing it's ugly head. It demonstrates that masculinity isn't toxic at all, but weak men are.

 Biden's new rule to "punish home buyers with good credit" may not do so. It may, however punish the disadvantaged people it is designed to help. As usual, communist policies do the opposite of their intention. We'll discuss.

The Judiciary committee is investigating the ethics of the Supreme Court. Checks and balances, baby. 



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