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7/7/22 - Abortion Is About Children?; Joe or Donald...Neither?; 1/6 Credibility; Red Flag Laws Fail

Comically scary political candidates are fun to laugh at...for now.
Are abortion bans really about saving children? Maybe...until they don't.
Biden or Trump in 2024? Most of America says F**K NO!!
January 6th Committee Loses Credibility, and "Red Flag Laws" Are Already Not Working.

We Celebrate Our 1 Year Pod-a-versary!!

 Are Gubernatorial candidates running on getting rid of demonic rocks as low as it possibly gets? We're gonna find out. 

Is abortion really about saving children. Maybe...until it's not. Just ask a 10 year old girl from Ohio. 

Should Biden and/or Trump run for president again? The Polling numbers say no. But when do we demand the change we need in a real way? 

The January 6th Committee embarrasses itself again. The entire point was proven before any of the hearings. Which is that Trump is an unfit leader and most of the American people know it. But they just can't leave well-enough alone. 

Red Flag Laws are already not working. In a very High-Profile way.