Fostering Political and Cultural Literacy!

7/28/22 - WSG Steve Doroslovic; Congress did something?; DNC tricks; Amazons' monopoly; Alzheimers

Steve Doroslovic joins the episode while Dan out gallivanting in the woods.
Wait wait wait Congress did something?
DNC continues it's dirty tricks, what could possibly go wrong?
Amazon continues its domination of virtually every market.
Forget what you know about Alzheimers! If we remember to talk about it.

Steve joins the Podcast and opens up about racism online and gives a gift to the Libservative hosts. We discuss our complete shock at congress passing some bills such as the Chip+ act, the marriage defense bill, and how they are trying to do the bare minimum at their job. We discuss the Democrats playing with fire when it comes to campaign contributions to extremists and there seems to be no sign of it stopping. We round up the conversation with a huge blow to the progress in Alzheimers research.