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7/21/22- AOC "Arrested"; Senate Culture Wars; Biden's Saudi Trip; Jobs Coming Home?; Dems Love Trump

AOC isn't one of us and she shows it with her phony, staged arrest. Where were you when the Amazon workers needed you?
Biden's Saudi Trip was a real hoot.
Democrats and John Bolton say their respective quiet parts out loud...Winning elections is all that matters, and the United States plans foreign Coups.

AOC Looked FABULOUS in her pant suit and scarf as she was violently arrested while protesting in the name of women's ri.....Oh wait, that's bulls**t. She is not one of you, and it's really discouraging when we constantly talk about how we need younger representatives. Well she is one, and she has fallen for the glam and glory of the same elite nonsense that we hate on the Pelosis and the McConnells for. 

Josh Hawley goes toe to toe with a woke professor in a Senate hearing. It's basically like listening to a couple of 6-year-olds arguing about whos dad would win in a fight. Everybody grow up! 

Saudi Arabia is like your friend who beats their children and you're not only pretending it doesn't happen...but you help them do it. "You pump more oil, and we'll keep helping you fund your genocide...fair trade?"

 Democrats show their hand as they spend millions trying to get MAGA candidates as their opponents by funding their primary campaigns. Winning elections is all that matters. Here's the problem...It's already backfired!! 

John Bolton says the quiet part out loud as he admits to Jake Tapper that he has helped in the planning of foreign Coups.