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6/3/22- Guns & Policing; Biden Laptop Narratives; Sussman Acquitted; Andrew Yang a GOP Asset?

Defending Gun Rights vs Defending Guns. And fighting over guns being a total non-starter.
Policing and why distrust of law enforcement is a bi-partisan issue.
Michael Sussman verdict. The revelations and why the Clinton attorney he was found not guilty.
Andrew Yanks recent trend on Twitter is proof of the dystopian alternate universe that Twitter really is.

The big discussion tonight is "What The F**k Does Law Enforcement DO?" Between the revelations about the Uvalde massacre, the fake plot to kidnap, Whitmer, The new revelations from the Sussman trial, and the FBI being tipped off about the Buffalo shooter, WTF is actually happening here? 

Andrew Yang was trending on Twitter this week. Proving once again that Twitter is a dystopian alternate universe.