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6/23/22-Potties & Government; New Prohibition from FDA; Juneteenth Doesn't Hurt; What Is A Woman?

What Do A Potty Training Child's Urine And US Government Spending Have In Common?
Prohibition Is Alive And Well In The United States. Let's Get Libertarian!!
Pointing Out The Spot On The Doll Where Juneteenth Hurt You Isn't That Hard.
We Do A Good-Faith, Non-Emotional Review of Matt Walsh and The Daily Wire's, "What Is A Woman?"

Corey's potty training adventures and how they compare to the US government. 

The FDA makes another attempt at prohibition. And it failed before it was even made policy. 

Juneteenth! Point to the spot on the doll where a holiday hurt you. Corey and Dan try to give all points of view a fair shake, but we're really struggling to figure out how being mad about Juneteenth isn't racist. Can anyone help us out? 

We watched The Daily Wire & Matt Walsh's (no relation to Corey) controversial documentary "What Is A Woman?" Here's what we thought... 

Corey's Spicy Monologue Turns Out to Be Mayonnaise.