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6/16/22-Jan. 6th Committee Objective; Border Districts Go Red?; Senate Gun Deal; USA Today's LIES...

January 6th Committee's Agenda
Border District Votes Republican?
The Bi-Partisan Gun Bill "Agreement".
The USA Today admits Corporate Media Sucks

Last week we discussed the nothing burger that the January 6th committee is. But what is the real agenda? And much do Americans care? 

Mayra Flores wins the congressional special election in Texas' 34th district. A boarder district. And she is a Mexican immigrant and a REPUBLICAN. It's interesting to say the least. 

Ten Democrats and Ten Republicans reach a tentative, bi-partisan agreement for a bill on gun legislation. It's not a done deal and it's got a long way to go. But is it good or bad? 

How Woke Is Too Woke?: Perpetuating the "School to Prison Pipeline" because children use the "wrong" words. 

The USA Today admits it's lies and actually does the right thing. Will others follow suit?