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6/12/22- CNN Overhaul; Jan 6th Hearing; More Stock Act Violators; Golf & Genocide; MORE

CNN' Possible Overhaul
January 6th Hearings and Why They Suck
Congress' Stock Act Violations
PGA Golfers Paid By Mass Murderers

With cable news saying the quiet part out loud for almost 6 years, the new head man at CNN is finally saying the loud part out loud. Cable news SUCKS and so do their ratings in comparison to new media on all areas of the spectrum. Shows like Breaking Points, Ben Shapiro, The Joe Rogan Experience, and many more are blowing their dismal Nielsen ratings out of the galaxy. 

A short review of the January 6th hearings. Which proved what we already know. Trump is unfit for office, and that can never just be enough for the Democratic establishment. Why are our two main political parties so hell bent on losing their credibility with extra lies, when the truth and what we know are crazy enough?

We have more Congress people violating the Stock Act. Not less. Imagine that. As just 23 senators filed their 2021 annual disclosures by the May 16 deadline. With the rest filing for their customary extension giving them until August to do so. Will the American people forget by then? 

The Saudis and professional golf. Dan's monologue goes over Golf, Genocide, and false equivalence.