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5/26/22- Uvalde; Government Funded Union Busting?; Elon's Politics; Pelosi "Hate's" Women; MORE

A Good-Faith breakdown following the Uvalde Tragedy. No political points scored here.
Democrats love workers, right? Not so much.
Isreal's Jamal Khashoggi.
Nancy Pelosi supports a pro-life candidate in Texas

The tragic shooting in Uvalde, Texas has turned Dan into a Nihilist. Can Corey reign him back in? Cops, guns, and mental health. This week on Maury!! 

The democratic establishment loves the workers, right? Let's see what their latest deal with Amazon tells us. 

Elon musk is in hot water with Twitter shareholders and women. Conveniently after announcing he's a republican. 

Could we have just seen the Israeli version of Jamal Khashoggi?

 Nancy Pelosi is not progressive incase you didn't know. In fact she endorses pro-life Texans. Stay tuned.