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5/20/22- Disinformation Board DIES; Shootings & "White Replacement"; Baby Formula & Unions; MORE

The Biden Administration's "Ministry of Truth" is dead for now. One person is really mad about it.
Two mass shootings In a matter of days. Let's break out the political grandstanding!
The shortage of baby formula is one of the worst cases of crony capitalism in our lifetime.
Corey goes to a Union bar. What happens when you take identity out of political debate?

The Disinformation Board has been "put on hold". And The Washington Post blames a popular opinion on "Right Wingers". 

Two mass shootings with in a couple of days of each other were both motivated by race. They aren't the first and they won't be the last. Political grandstanding must be the answer. 

The Baby formula shortage is possibly the most egregious example of government regulated capitalism to date. 

Corey has a discussion with union guys. It's amazing where a conversation can go when you remove the identity politics.

Stick around for Corey's Monologue.

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