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4/8/22- Elon & Twitter; Yang LOVES Independents; Amazon Unions; MORE

The Michigan Governor's "Kidnappers" are ACQUITTED!?
Madison Cawthorn and the DC orgies make for a new, short lived "pet cause" for Twitter mobs.
Andrew Yang talked to John Stossel for an hour, and that's a good thing. Let's talk UBI.
Amazon's Union Leader is a Boss!!

Two men acquitted in Michigan Governor kidnapping plot. The Culture War carrot is already on the end of the string. Stay tuned...

 Congressman, Madison Cawthorn's DC orgy claims. Sometimes it feels like A#%& Jones gets it right. *Slap Forehead Emoji*.

 Andrew Yang on John Stossel's Independent news show for an almost hour long interview. Agree or disagree with Yang's plans for America, this is why and how he gets it right. 

Amazon Union Updates!! Union leader, Christian Smalls does't give a f**k, and it is amazing!