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4/29/22- Musk Derangement Syndrome; Disney Isn't Left; Tax Filing Racket; 3rd Party Nihilism; MORE

The Reality of Elon's Twitter vs More Fear Mongering
Disney is bad. But identity politics are pointing fingers in the wrong place as usual
Third Party Nihilism isn't helping. Sometimes making real change is REALLY hard.

Elon will own Twitter and the hot take theater keeps getting worse. Is Elon saving earth from evil? Or perpetuating white supremacy? Likely, neither and ya'll need to calm down. 

Conservatives say Disney has gone woke and turned America into "groomers". The "Left" suggests Disney is is trying to promote diversity and inclusion for all races and gender identities. The reality?...They're a corporation trying to generate profit. 

Tax Prep companies are stealing your money by lobbying just to exist. 

New Segment: "America is going to hell in a hand-basket!!": Faraday Cages work? 

Third Party Nihilism isn't helping. A review of the 2021 film: Fear and Loathing In Aspen.

Dan's Monologue on Cigarette smoking and why the FDA's latest paternal policy proposal to help "Black Smokers" is more racist the the marketing of Big Tobacco.