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4/22/22 - Student Loan Forgiveness; Mandates Lifted; Labor Movement Updates; MORE...

CNN+ Catastrophe
Student Loan Forgiveness for Corey?
Mandates No More!
Trump Is In Love With Dr. Oz
Labor Movement

Student Loan forgiveness still on the table? It could be hitting Corey if all goes well?

Red Pill vs Blue Pill: Mask Mandates Lifted on planes. Folks on both sides of the Left-Right culture and identity war have a lot of meaningless things to say. Which side will we / you take on these?

NEW SEGMENT!! Things We Shouldn't Care About: Trump Endorses Dr. Oz as wine moms gear up to take their to-go cups to the polls in Pennsylvania!

Labor Movement Update: A Chicago Investment Firm President makes money off the backs of union workers...while trying to bust Starbucks Unions?

Christian Smalls chastised for talking to the most watched man on TV while trying to push his cause. It's time we learn how a movement and a coalition are actually built!

Corey does is monologue on Law Enforcement and the shooting of unarmed minorities.

Good News: The UN's Global Plastics Treaty.

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