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4/15/22 - NY Shooting and Identity Politics; Elon & Twitter; Cops Messing With Algorithms; More...

Cops use Disney to circumvent doing a better job.
Mass Shootings and Identity Politics.
Elon's Twitter Takeover
UBI to Only Worthy Victims?
Tennessee Mucks Up Marriage Law

Dan's MacBook gets really drunk and has to take a trip to the ICU. Thoughts and prayers are needed.

 Police departments give us their next move in the cat-and-mouse game of policing the police. Woody and Buzz Lightyear will be thrilled to know their place in keeping our neighborhoods safe from evil-doers! 

The New York subway shooter has been identified and is in custody. Conservative media and social media (kind of) wins the identity lottery on this one. Liberal media and social media call for mental health reform to deflect from that fact that we are numb to mass shootings in America. 

Elon's "Hostile" takeover of Twitter is beginning? And you either love it or hate it! Why is Twitter touted as "a righteous, private company who can ban whatever speech they want" when they do it to the people you don't like? But a "capitalistic, power hungry, danger to society" if Musk succeeds? 

How Woke is TOO WOKE? vs "What Year Is It?" 

                - Handing UBI to only an experimental few. Watch us do our best Tucker Carlson impressions! 

                 - Tennessee Marriage Bill leaves out one big provision. 

Dan's Monologue: Video Evidence is No Match For Ego & Identity Politics.