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4/1/22- Biden's Budget; Cannabis Legalization; Ukraine Peace; "Don't Say Gay"; MORE...

Will Smith's "Assault" on Chris Rock. Calm Down, already.
Biden's "billionaire" tax. How can it work?
Marijuana Legislation passes in the House!! Will it help Dems in the midterms?
Dan's Monologue - Consequences and How They Go Unconsidered
Red Pill vs Blue Pill - Florida's "Don't Say Gay" Bill. Which partisan pill are you swallowing?

Biden's "Billionaire" tax is the big talking point for his 2023 budget plan. What is it? How will it work (if at all)? How has a similar tax worked for other countries? And what will it mean for his approval rating? 

The House took the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment & Expungement (MORE) Act to the floor on Friday in an effort to legalize cannabis at the federal lever. With over 90% of Americans supporting the legalization of marijuana on some level, this should make our two-party system look pretty bad. 

Red Pill vs Blue Pill - Florida's "Don't Say Gay" Bill. Which pill would you swallow? Tune in for the arguments!!

Dan's Monologue on recognizing the order of consequences.