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3/25/22-KBJ Hearing; Trans Sports; Fauci, Where Are You?; Midterm Predictions; MORE...

KBJ dealt with some GOP "Gotcha" questions. With Lindsay Graham taking part in the very behavior the GOP accuses the woke mob of. Trans women in sports is a difficult topic. So let's do it! We launch a new segment: "WHAT YEAR IS IT?"


The Ketanji Brown Jackson hearing is over. And the GOP did it's best impression of "woke" media, "gotcha" questioning. She will likely be confirmed, but not without conservatives letting America know that they are just as involved in the culture war as the woke mob.  

Trans women in sports. Melding competitive fairness with inclusion. Can it be done?  

Where is Anthony Fauci? Should he be gone? And would a replacement by Joe Biden change anything? The Culture war would suggest a big fat "NO".  

Midterm Election Predictions- This Shouldn't Take Long  

NEW SEGMENT: "What Year Is It Again?"