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2/4/22 -Joe Rogan vs Books; Aide For Ukraine; #FreedomConvoy2022 UPDATE; Aussie Victim Olympics

Dan and Corey discuss the narrative around banning books. Hint: The Left and Right are both guilty of it. Freedom Convoy 2022 mini update. A small victim olympiad is taking place in Australia. Who will win?

@Libservativepod: There is a bill being fast tracked thru the house to send $500 million in defense aide to #Ukraine...that they don't need. And will only serve to help America's cracker jack complex of military industry. 

People that want #JoeRogan de-platformed turn to the idea that conservatives wanting to "ban books" is somehow an excuse for their authoritarian take. Both are wrong...but definitely not created equal. Let's explore. 

#FreedomConvoy2022 is still going strong as Canadian truckers continue in their #MyBodyMyChoice fight. The authoritarianism is coming to a head and getting more and more obvious. 

How Woke is too woke? Islam vs Trans in Australia's Victim Olympics.