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2/18/22- Canada Emergency Act; Durham Report; WTF's Up W/ Ukraine?; Vaccines & Organ Transplants...

#Freedom Convoy updates. Is Trudeau exercising authoritarianism? An actual European listener joins us to tell us how the "Ukraine Problem" is affecting actual Europeans. The Clinton campaign is in trouble again. AOC Got something right!

#FreedomConvoy UPDATES! Trudeau invoking Canada's Emergency Act. What does it mean and is there overreach? The Ottawa police chief resigns...Ope! 

A pretrial motion has been filed by the federal government against the Clinton Campaign's top attorney, Michael Sussman. Time to continue America's favorite new game show!! Corruption Ping-Pong!! 

Link To the Pretrial Motion:

What the hell is actually happening with the #Ukraine - Russia situation? We're pretty sure nobody actually knows, and it could be by design. We are joined by a listener in Germany to see how everyday Europeans feel about the "Ukraine Problem".  Will you be as surprised as we are not?

It just doesn't add up!! Hospitals are denying unvaccinated patients life-saving organ transplants. But is it as sinister as some headlines may suggest?

AOC Got something right!