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2/11/22 - #FreedomConvoy; Flint Water Still Kills; Union Busting @ Amazon; No Knock Warrants...

Stop Calling the #FreedomConvoy Racists. 60,000 Followers of the POC4FreedomConvoy Instagram prove it that narrative to be bullshit. After 8 years Flint School Children can finally drink from the drinking fountains and it's not as happy as you'd think. Union busting is what the cool kids do at Amazon. And white people need to stop "White-splaining".

#FreedomConvoy Updates!!

 Did you know Flint still doesn't have clean water? And a Democratic administration still hasn't held a Republican administration accountable. 

A Workers Revolution is Great! As Long As It Doesn't Effect Amazon's Bottom Line! 

No Knock Warrants Are Real Racism. And Getting Them Stopped Is Real Activism. But Keep Tweeting About Joe Rogan... 

"White-splaining" and White Folks Grifting off of The N-Word.