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1/21/22: Biden's Presser, Joe Rogan Won't Be Cancelled, China Goes Nuclear; Right Wingers LOVE Statues; &MORE

Biden said nothing for two hours. Canceling Joe Rogan will have the opposite of its intended effect. Right-Wingers would make out with a statue before they would their own wives. Congress wants to stop insider trading?

Biden's Nothing burger of a presser is the newest nonsense to outrage the fringe right, and prop up the fringe left.

Joe Rogan isn't going to be cancelled. And even if he were to be cancelled, it's going to have the opposite of the intended effect. The Streisand Effect is real, and "The Blue Checkmark Brigade" just doesn't get it.

Could Congress actually do something about our Representatives and Senators insider trading on wall street? Well they are making it look like they want to at least.

Red Pill VS Blue Pill: Which are you swallowing?

                         A Teddy Roosevelt Statue was removed in the middle of the night from the steps of a New York museum.

SPREADING POSITIVITY: China is going nuclear, and if harnessed could save the planet and our energy bills.